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Invasion Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: “Something’s Changed”

There is more to the destiny of two main individuals than meets the eye, as stated in the first episode of season 2 of Invasion. The second season premiere of Invasion follows Anisha Malik and her children as they try to make it through the tough new world that has popped up on Earth a few months after the first ET attack. Meanwhile, Mitsuki Yamato is fighting back against the growing crowd of alien beings in Japan when, out of nowhere, a group of men kidnap her and take her to the Amazon jungle, where the alien spacecraft crashed. If you forget what happened in season 1, we recommend you revise what happened in the first season with this summary!

What Happened In Invasion Season 2 Episode 1?

Invasion Season 2 Episode 1 Recap
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An alien invasion update kicks off the new season. Benya Mabote, president of the World Defense Team, issues important news. She pleads with the public to help the troops and to leave any dirty places immediately. Benya claims that after just 121 days, extraterrestrial spores had messed up more than 30% of Earth’s surface. The viewers are then shown the mayhem of the alien invasion in Mitsuki’s current spot in Osaka, Japan.

Through a packed city street, Mitsuki and a horde of scared villagers run from the incoming ETs. Mitsuki seems to be the lone resistor. Many of the alien invaders are killed by the firebombs she deploys.

The chopper touches down, and two guys shove Mitsuki inside. Mitsuki is abducted by the Dharmax Technology organization, which takes her to the Brazilian Amazon. In order to defeat the invaders, they need her help. Then, the alien spacecraft crash site is brought to her. The government has set up a research facility inside the crashed alien vessel and is checking it for any weak spots.

Mitsuki is presented to the base’s head honcho, Nikhil Kapur. He is aware of Mitsuki’s history and believes she can help in getting back in touch with the aliens. Mitsuki was the first to establish contact and helped the military in shooting down the ET craft. Aneesha Malik and her kids, Luke and Sarah, are on the road in British Columbia, looking for stuff while school is out. The Malik family makes their first appearance by robbing a petrol station.

The family is at odds over the current situation. Continue traveling north, as directed by Aneesha. Always moving from one location to another is required. At one of their rest stops, they run upon army trucks. After a failed try to steal fuel canisters from the military, Luke is caught. The troops search the vehicle and find guns and an alien claw-like item.

Aneesha and her family have been on the radar of the military due to the ET weapon she has. The Maliks are quickly arrested and chucked in the back of a vehicle. Here, they encounter another inmate, an old English teacher named Clark. The Movement, a renegade gang of freedom warriors, quickly launches an assault on the truck. Clark seems to be on the Movement’s side and is instrumental in the Maliks’ successful escape from captivity.

They are provided a place to sleep for the night, and their belongings, including the alien object, are restored to them. Before entering the center of the alien spacecraft, Mitsuki is put through a battery of tough mind tests at the government facility in Brazil. Mitsuki’s sadness is worsened by the need to discuss her late lover, Hinata. It’s clear that she holds herself responsible for Hinata’s death.

Unsurprisingly, she does poorly on the exams, but according to Nikhil, this is a good sign. He thinks they may really benefit from this situation. All of the earlier experts who ventured inside the ship’s core ended up in a coma or forgot who they were. After the scientists’ failed attempts to establish contact, Mitsuki is escorted to the ship’s command center. They are keeping the ET stuff at the craft’s core as a prisoner, and they are hoping that Mitsuki will be the first to forge a real link with it. In order to speak with the extraterrestrial, they need her to.

The episode concludes with Mitsuki going inside the locked chamber by herself. As soon as she enters its lock-up, she becomes aware of a weird, alien light that seems to be floating in the air. This brilliant light expands to show its genuine nature. The ET stuff, transparent and seemingly alive, begins to multiply and spread.

The extraterrestrial becomes interested in Mitsuki when she plays a David Bowie song. As though doing an inspection, the extraterrestrial approaches Mitsuki and gets quite near to him. Meanwhile, Luke experiences an eerie buzzing in his brain, and Aneesha’s alien claw begins to come to life. Caspar is then discovered being watched at a French medical facility.

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