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Who Is Harrison Hans Luna In Love Island USA?

Harrison Luna, a stunning new entrant, recently joined the Love Island USA villa, creating waves among the islanders who were already in a state of chaos. Harrison Hans Luna, 26 years old and born on January 15, 1997, made his grand entrance into Season 5 of Love Island USA, stepping into the villa on the fourth day. But by Day 15, he was sent away from the island.

Get To Know Harrison Luna

Harrison Hans Luna In Love Island USA
Source: Love Island USA, ITV

Harrison is considered one of the eldest contestants in the villa this season, despite the fact that calling someone in their 20s “old” seems a bit far-fetched.

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, this reality TV star is a fitness lover, always keen to keep himself in prime shape. The Lunas have charm running in the family; Harrison’s younger brother, Brandon Luna, is just as charismatic and is even eyeing a career as a Ninja Warrior.

Social Media

Harrison’s presence is palpable. His Instagram profile flaunts a following of over 36,000, where he shares his travels, workouts, and treasured moments with friends and family.

Career And Occupations

Harrison is a diamond dealer at Novita Diamonds. But that’s not all; he’s had many jobs, including chauffeuring and even being a topless waiter. Harrison’s career evolution is something that draws admiration from many.

His fellow islanders were especially intrigued by his role as a diamond dealer. The company he’s associated with has a global reach with branches across the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and more.

But the journey wasn’t always so glamorous for the Adelaide native. In a candid confession to Jasmine after a masquerade game, he revealed that he had worked random jobs, five to six of them, in the year after finishing school. These included being a chauffeur and topless waiter, among other things. Yet, he’s managed to carve out an enviable life that’s nothing short of inspirational.

Emily Chavez & Harrison Luna’s Relationship

It appears that the Love Island Season 5 couple are still smitten with each other, despite the geographical challenge, with Emily in the United States and him in Australia. Their love story is a testament to the timeless saying that love knows no boundaries.