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Who Plays Guillermo In What We Do In The Shadows? Meet Harvey Guillén

Guillermo is a member of Nandor the Relentless in What We Do In The Shadows. He was raised by his mother, Silvia, in The Bronx. His childhood was filled with moments of self-reliance while his mother worked hard. Guillermo’s fascination with vampires sparked as a child when he watched Antonio Banderas portray the Hispanic vampire Armand in the movie Interview with the Vampire; The Vampire Chronicles. The actor Harvey Guillén plays Guillermo in the TV series, check out some facts about him below!

About Harvey Guillén, Who Plays Guillermo

Harvey Guillén as Guillermo
Source: What We Do In The Shadows, FX Networks

Javier “Harvey” Guillén was born in Orange County, California, on May 3rd, 1990. Guillén faced challenges with his first name being mispronounced by teachers and eventually adopted the name Harvey instead. He pursued theater at Citrus College in California under the guidance of renowned opera singer Ben Bollinger.

Harvey openly embraces the LGBTQ+ community. He recognizes that coming out as queer is not always a decision but has remained candid about his identity.

Social Media

Harvey actively engages with fans through Instagram with around 300k followers and Twitter with over 100k followers.

Career And Movies

Harvey Guillén’s career includes acting stints in films and television like The Internship, Eye Candy, and My Name is Earl. But his portrayal of Guillermo in ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ shot him to fame. Outside of that celebrated role, Guillén’s talents were showcased in popular shows like The Magicians, The Good Place, and The Thundermans. He’s even been a voice behind animated characters in Niko, Sword of Light, and SuperMansion.

Beyond acting, Guillén actively advocates for inclusivity and diversity within the entertainment industry. He publicly speaks out about the importance of representation. Creating opportunities for BIPOC actors. Utilizing his platform to raise awareness and promote change has earned him a place among fans.

His portrayal of Guillermo de la Cruz in What We Do in the Shadows is highly cherished, while his efforts toward equality have established him as a voice in the fight for representation.

What Is Harvey Guillén’s Net Worth?

As of now, his net worth is estimated at around $5 million.