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Grantchester Season 8 Episode 2 Recap: What Happened To Will?

Grantchester Season 8 Episode 2 gets straight to it, handling that huge cliffhanger from the last episode: Did Will Davenport unintentionally off someone? Even though we thought there might be a twist, it really went south with Will (Tom Brittney) mixed up in a deadly accident. Check out the recap below!

What Happened In Grantchester Season 8 Episode 2?

Grantchest Season 8 Episode 2 Recap
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The story of the fight involving Mitchell, Ray, Paulie, and Milton is what keeps Will out of jail, but it doesn’t make him feel any less bad about the death he unintentionally caused. Accident or not, Will’s left dealing with the fact that a dude died because of him. He’s gotta get through life carrying this weight, knowing that his family, friends, and everyone else knows what he did.

The moment Will calls 911, the cops show up right away. Geordie’s kind of forced into capturing him. The start of the investigation is a real slog, with DCI Elliott Wallace barely holding back his eagerness to put him away for a long time. In the middle of all this, Geordie’s all in on proving Will didn’t do it, which in a way, shows how much he really cares about Will and how much he believes in his goodness. However, it’s kinda weird seeing Geordie (Robson Green) act like this because life has been lost.

The support he’s giving his friend, who’s quietly falling apart, seems kinda off. Considering how Geordie’s been quick to judge before and his lack of the same hardcore commitment he’s showing here when working other cases, you gotta wonder if he’d have taken the facts as they are if the suspect were somebody else.

Interestingly, the show doesn’t really delve into or acknowledge Geordie’s bias, and he’s let off the hook pretty quickly. Nobody wants to see Will behind bars, and the series digs into the aftermath of the accident in Grantchester. However, it feels like there’s a gray area between being locked up forever and getting off scot-free. Even though the legal stuff’s kinda fishy, the episode really shines when it gets into the emotional fallout, not just for Will.

Grantchester is one of those rare TV shows that takes faith seriously, portraying it as a big part of life and trying to show an authentic view of a believer’s life. Pop culture often clashes with the idea of faith, and it’s not common to find characters who are faithful and openly talk about God’s love and its role in their lives. Religion often gets painted as the bad guy, without much focus on the good parts.

Grantchester, though, doesn’t try to convert anyone to any religion; it doesn’t try to force its beliefs on viewers or say it’s right. Instead, it uses faith as a way to shed light on its characters, showing how their faith shapes their lives. The impact on Will when he realizes he’s caused a man’s death, his desperate prayers for the dead guy’s soul, and his fear of maybe not being forgiven by God or his wife really hit you hard.

The moment when Leonard is there for Will, quoting Bible verses about cities of refuge and reassuring him of God’s love, no matter what he’s done, is one of the show’s most emotional scenes. Later, Will offers the same comfort to Paulie, reminding us we’re all God’s kids, and His love’s there, no matter what, which is a moving scene full of deep meanings, especially considering Will’s complicated relationship with being a dad, his own dad, and his new role in Ernie’s life.

However, this episode leaves a bunch of stuff up in the air. Elliot was ready to lock Will up, showing zero regrets for his tough-guy act. Geordie’s still being pushed out. Turns out, Larry can actually do good police work, but he’s really homophobic, and both he and the village folk are quick to judge the people trying to put their lives back together at Leonard’s halfway house.

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