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Fatima Is The Transgender In The Chi, So Jazelle Is In Real Life!

Fatima is a new face in season 5 of Showtime’s thrilling crime drama, “The Chi.” Brought to life by the actress L’lerrét Jazelle, Fatima is a brave local reporter who doesn’t shy away from putting politicians on the spot with hard-hitting questions. But her character doesn’t stop at her job; she’s also a transwoman, adding layers to her relationship with Victor, a man running for city council.

Their romance is anything but simple, as Fatima’s initial refusal to be Victor’s secret evolves with changing circumstances.

Is Jazelle Transgender?

Jazelle as Fatima
Source: The Chi, SHOWTIME

L’lerrét Jazelle identifies as a transwoman. During her college years, she came out as trans and has since spent a significant amount of time educating others about the intersectionality of trans rights, LGBTQ rights, feminist studies, and Black identity politics.

A Closer Look at Jazelle from “The Chi”

Born on September 9, in Maryland, Baltimore is where L’lerrét Jazelle calls home. She made the move to Los Angeles, California in 2019.

Social Media

Jazelle’s social media activity is quite lively, often sharing her personal life and work on Instagram, where she has a following of around 12,000 people.

As a blogger and aspiring model/entertainer, Jazelle was key in founding the Trans Women of Color Collective section in New Orleans. Her dedication to her beliefs shapes her worldview and influences how she perceives and interacts with the world.


Jazelle studied high school in New Orleans, Louisiana. She furthered her studies at Xavier University in Louisiana, earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a focus on women’s studies.

Her Roles in Film

According to Showtime, Fatima is a community journalist who strives for the best for her community and won’t hesitate to hold elected officials accountable.

But Fatima isn’t Jazelle’s first acting role. L’lerrét Jazelle stepped into the acting world in 2021, taking on the role of Cynthia in “4400 2021.” She also appeared in “9-1-1” as young Antonia and portrayed Sharon Cunningham in “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Her career is blossoming, and her roles are a testament to her talent and versatility.