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Who Is Emily Chavez Love Island USA Season 5?

Emily Chavez, a dazzling addition to Season 5 of Love Island USA, set foot in the villa on Day 10 and left the island five days later. But let’s dig a little deeper into who she is and her time on Love Island. In a season filled with memorable characters, Emily Chavez stood out as a true sensation.

Get To Know Emily Chavez

Emily Chavez Love Island USA Season 5
Source: Love Island, ITV

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Emily brought a spark of energy and charm to the Love Island USA villa. Unafraid to chase after the male islanders she was attracted to, she ignored the existing couples and made her presence felt.


Sporting a lovely shade of brunette and standing just under 5 feet 6.5 inches, Emily’s eye-catching tattoos on her arms are among her most noticeable features.

Social Media

Her Instagram handle, @emiillychavezz, showcases her life, while her second account, @hairbyemilychavez, offers a glimpse into her professional world of hairstyling.


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Career And Occupations

Emily Chavez humorously introduced herself in the villa as tall, tan, and a potential threat to other women’s relationships. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she later revealed her true occupation as a hairstylist. Her career choice intrigued some in the villa, just as she was fascinated to learn about Bergie’s role as a Dairy Queen manager since she confessed her love for ice cream.

Currently, Emily is gaining experience as a level-one hairstylist and an assistant at Vanity Salon in Texas. This veteran-owned salon, serving Spring, Woodlands, and Conroe, offers various services like color, cuts, extensions, and more. Emily is living her dream, passionately embracing beauty, particularly hairstyling. She eagerly anticipates her graduation from cosmetology school and the chance to immerse herself in professional hairdressing.

Emily’s Relationship With Harrison

Emily’s connection with Harrison was perhaps the most intense of Love Island USA Season 5. While initially struggling to find her place as a bombshell in the villa, Emily soon connected naturally with Keenan and bonded with all the girls. Despite feeling like her portrayal on the show was unjust, she communicates with Harrison, leaving the door open for whatever the future may bring. Her relationship with Harrison and the friendships she forged left a lasting impression on viewers, making her short stint on the show unforgettable. (Via Screenrant).