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Editorial Policy

R2Lmovie is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards. In the current media environment, we believe it is more essential than ever to maintain humanity in journalism and to ensure that our work does not cause damage to others.


R2Lmovie facilitates an open dialogue with our writers, editors, and management and invites all feedback. We are dedicated to interacting with our audience and acting on their comments, complaints, and suggestions.

We believe that news organizations are morally obligated to engage with the public on values and pressing issues and that organizations like ours can gain much in return.


  • Articles should be balanced and add context.
  • We do not plagiarize or violate copyrights.
  • Journalists should not injure anyone. Being aware of the impact our words can have on the lives of others is essential. We should exercise extra caution and care when reporting sensitive or potentially upsetting topics. If we believe an article cannot be written without causing others grief, we do not write it.
  • We do not accept monetary compensation, gifts, or any favors in exchange for coverage.
  • R2Lmovie will correct any errors we make and express regret where appropriate. When we have been unjust, we are attentive to our audience’s concerns and offer redress. Please refer to our corrections policy for additional information.
  • We do not use sensational, misleading, or clickbait headlines.
  • We do not publish a photo of a minor whose parents/guardians do not typically display their image publicly unless we have their permission.
  • We respect the right to privacy and do not use content discovered online from private individuals without their consent.

Fact-Checking & Quality Standards

  • We assure the reliability of our sources. When uncertain about the information, we omit it or make it plain that it has not been verified.
  • We do not publish unsubstantiated rumors or other information we have not independently verified.
  • Before each article is published on the website, the editor(s) review and fact-check it.
  • Our team members take reasonable measures to ensure our published information is accurate and cite their sources.
  • We rectify errors rapidly, thoroughly, and openly. We make it simple for our readers to alert us to errors.