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Who Plays Donna Demeo In Only Murders In The Building? Meet Linda Emond

Fans of “Only Murders In The Building” are thrilled to have it back, and the growing ensemble cast is already a delight. Many are buzzing about Donna Demeo, Cliff (Wesley Taylor)’s mother and a producer on Death Rattle. Linda Emond, who plays Donna Demeo, is an intriguing figure this season. Here’s a snapshot of her

Meet Linda Emond As Donna Demeo In Only Murders In The Building

Linda Emond As Donna Demeo
Source: Only Murders In The Building, FX Networks

Linda Marie Emond, born on May 22, 1959, is a versatile talent in stage, cinema, and television. Her birthplace is New Brunswick, New Jersey, and her upbringing occurred in Orange County, California. A mix of French Canadian, Polish, German, and English descent courses through her veins, connecting her to both European and Colonial American roots.


Linda studied at Loara Elementary School, continued on to Ball Junior High, and culminated at Loara High School. Her love for the stage inspired her to chase her dreams, leading her to earn a BA in Theatre Arts from California State University, Fullerton. She walked the stage with her degree in 1982.

Eager to refine her artistry, Linda didn’t stop there; she embarked on a path to mastery by enrolling in the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program in Seattle, from which she secured an MFA. Her passion and determination were evident in every step she took, shaping her into the talented artist she became.

Personal Life

Linda is a single woman but has found a loving partner in actor Matte Osian. The two have nurtured a relationship spanning nearly a decade, symbolizing more than just love—it’s an inspirational bond.

Career, Movies, And TV Shows

Linda’s stage debut came in high school, portraying Jean Brodie in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. From her Chicago theater days to her Off-Broadway performances in New York, her career has been varied and enriching. Her theater résumé includes “The Winter’s Tale,” “Nine Armenians,” “Homebody/Kabul,” and more. Linda’s talent has been recognized with Tony Award nominations for her exceptional performances in stage plays such as “Life x 3,” “Death of a Salesman,” and “Cabaret.”

Her presence on the big screen has been equally impactful. In 2016, you might have seen her in films like “Indignation” and “The Land.” The following year, she graced the screen in “The Big Sick” and “Song to Song.” 2018 saw her starring in “The Professor,” and in 2019, she skillfully portrayed Lassiter in “Gemini Man.” Currently, she’s busy with several projects in post-production.

The year 2022 marked a new chapter as she joined HBO’s “The Gilded Age,” playing the role of Clara Barton. Now, she’s entrancing viewers as Donna Demeo in John Hoffman’s “Only Murders In The Building,” bringing a refreshing twist to the series. Her versatile career continues to thrive, keeping audiences engaged and entertained.