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Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 6 Preview: 4 Biggest Questions

In the second-to-last episode of “Dark Winds” Season 2, aptly named “Black Hole Sun,” things got really intense. The story took us on a rollercoaster ride, unveiling hidden truths from yesteryears and setting us up for a finale that promises to be nothing short of riveting. As Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon) digs deeper into the puzzling case of Colton Wolf, the tension escalates, and the line between seeking justice and personal vendetta starts to fade. Check out the 4 most noticeable points in the preview of Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 6 below!

Look Back: “Black Hole Sun”

The previous episode started with a chilling flashback where a young Colton Wolf stumbles upon the devastating loss of his family, likely caused by his mentally unstable mom. Fast forward to now, and Leaphorn is hell-bent on cracking the enigma that is Colton. Despite Colton’s mind games and elusive behavior, Leaphorn manages to pry some information out of him, although it’s like pulling teeth.

A twist in the tale comes when it’s revealed that Colton might be using the identity of a dead man, Carl Lebeck. Meanwhile, Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon)’s own investigation into the Vines family takes a weird turn. He finds himself at a creepy cult gathering, witnessing strange rituals and a possible escape attempt by a Native American woman. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Colton slips through the cracks, leaving an injured Gordo Sena and a heap of unresolved questions in his wake.

Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 6 Preview

Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 6 Preview
Source: Dark Winds, AMC+

Colton’s escape sets the stage for a high-stakes chase in the next episode. Leaphorn, fueled by a mix of personal grudges and a sense of duty, is likely to go to great lengths to catch him. The newfound information about Colton’s real identity and his link to the late Carl Lebeck could open up a Pandora’s box about his past and motives.

Chee’s unsettling discovery about the “People of Darkness” cult and its ties to B.J. Vines suggests a broader conspiracy. The cult’s strange activities and the Native American woman’s attempted escape could be key plot points in the upcoming episode.

4 Questions Remain in “Beauty Is Restored”

  • Colton’s Motive: What’s really driving Colton to act out? Is there some deep-seated trauma, or perhaps a puppeteer pulling his strings?
  • The Cult’s Agenda: What’s the endgame for the “People of Darkness” cult? How does B.J. Vines fit into this, and what’s Rosemary’s role?
  • Chee’s Next Move: After witnessing the cult’s eerie activities, what will Chee do? Will he confront Vines or go further undercover?
  • Leaphorn’s Moral Quandary: With Colton on the lam, will Leaphorn’s quest for justice cross ethical boundaries?

Release Date & Where to Watch?

Get ready for “Dark Winds” Season 2 Episode 6, “Beauty Is Restored,” dropping on AMC+ this Thursday, August 31. If you’re more of a traditional cable viewer, mark your calendar for Sunday, September 3, 2023, at 6:00 PM US time. You can catch this must-see episode either on AMC’s official platform or via AMC+ for streaming.