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Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “The March”

In the previous episode, Leaphorn figured out how his son died in that Drumco explosion. So, he’s sure Colton Wolf set off the bomb. But get this: Colton actually went to see Jim in the hospital and couldn’t finish the job. Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon) and Bernadette (Jessica Matten) almost nabbed him, though. Joe and Bernie, who had been searching for Colton while he slipped away from the cops, eventually found him in a remote part of the rez, not far from the trailer; this was the first scene of Dark Winds season 2. Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4 Recap, titled “The March,” was pretty boring, just about Leaphorn’s failed attempts to catch Colton. The episode’s brutality and Western vibes make it only cool for hardcore fans of the genre.

What Happened In Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4?

Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4 Recap
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“The March” starts when Colton returns to his trailer to chill and think of a new plan after failing to kill Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon) at the hospital. On the flip side, Joe and Bern track him down. When they enter his trailer, he slips out and surprises them. He shoots at them, jacks their car, and tries to book it, but he wrecks it before he can get far. Bern thinks about waiting for backup, but Joe knows it would be forever.

And so, into the night, they go, chasing Colton. They chase him down and corner him near a cliff. But he always finds a way to slip away. Bern thinks they should wait for backup this time because they already know where Colton will go. But Joe can’t wait and takes a leap off the cliff into the night. Mrs. Vines pops in on Jim Chee after finding out Tomas Charley is also dead.

Joe first tried to catch Colton because of the murders of Tomas Charley and Emerson Charley Sr. He also took a shot at Chee and even showed up at the hospital. After finding out, Colton caused the explosion that killed his son, Joe’s like, ‘I’m getting this guy, no matter what.’ He’s not about to let the killer bounce, and he’s down to risk his life by jumping off a cliff to keep up with Colton.

Joe’s got a bunch of injuries, including a broken arm, and wakes up the next morning in the valley. He cleans up and looks for clues to find Colton. Sure enough, he finds footprints and sneaks up on the guy. Joe may be banged up, but he’s still got the upper hand. He ties up the guy and hauls him across the valley to jail. Colton says it’ll take three days to get there, and now they’re in a desert with nothing.

He adds that Joe’s getting worse and might not make it. Colton’s trying to mess with Joe the whole time. He knows that for Joe, catching him is personal. Joe shuts him up and keeps him moving before he can figure out who close to Joe he killed. Colton tries everything to shake Joe so he can break free. But Joe’s still on high alert, even with his injuries and being wiped out. Jim Chee bumps into B.J. Vines, who hires him as a PI. The guy thinks his wife’s cheating and offers Chee big bucks to find out who she’s seeing.

Chee might have his answer from Mrs. Vines’ reaction to Tomas’ death. Meanwhile, Emma and Sally take her kid to the doctor for a checkup. Sally’s struggling with being a mom, especially when she’s sure her baby doesn’t like her. Her past and how she got pregnant have already messed her up. She felt stuck in the same place she wanted to get out of.

Sally hoped that moving in with Emma and Joe would make things better, but she’s actually worse off. She doesn’t want to raise a kid who’ll find out the truth about how he came into the world. When backup shows up, Bern’s like, ‘Joe’s gone after Colton and plans to drag him to the jail across the river.’ She’s worried that if they don’t find them soon, Joe will kill Colton. Bern doesn’t let the cops call the shots; she just keeps going where she thinks Joe went. She’s scared Colton’s already killed the guy she looks up to like a dad.

As they keep going, Colton sees his chance and slips out of Joe’s grip. He breaks free and waits for Joe to come get him. Joe shows up, just like Colton thought, and they start wrestling. But Joe’s got more grit. He ends up holding Colton at gunpoint. For a sec, Joe thinks about shooting Colton. You can see it in his eyes, but he keeps it together. Luckily, Bern finds them and it’s a huge relief. She’s stoked Joe’s alive and hasn’t killed Colton. Together, they take Colton back to jail, letting Joe catch some Z’s. His coworkers are amazed since he’s all banged up but still caught the guy.

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