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Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: “Antigonish”

As we are in the third episode of Season 2 of Dark Winds, titled “Antigonish,” excitement has reached a fever pitch. The journeys of the protagonists, filled with intrigue, danger, and never giving up, are sure to leave a lasting mark on viewers. Prepare yourself to be swept away by the winds of intrigue and mystery by setting alarms and marking calendars.

What Happened In Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 3?

Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 3 Recap
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Black-and-white footage from the shooter’s trailer opens season 2, episode 3 of Dark Winds. With weird care, he prepares a lunch for one, as if his life depended on it. After this big meal, Harry finds the guy he hired to find Linda Maddox. It’s easier to fight for one’s values than to live by them, he reads from a fortune cookie. The guy thinks he can find the lady if he gives information about her partner.

After murdering Linda, the gunman admits she is his mother. The only things we see in color throughout this montage are his fancy dinner, the window panes, and the writing on his fortune cookie. At last, the attacker, posing as a doctor, is seen entering the hospital where Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon) is being treated. Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon) returns home in his car and spends some time lounging in the backyard.

He goes back immediately after learning that the shooter may have had anything to do with his son’s death. His reluctance is thus natural. When he finally enters, he finds Emma. He expresses his anguish on discovering his son’s belt buckle without saying a word. Meanwhile, the gunman disrupts the hospital’s inside power source. Chee, who has been confined to a wheelchair, also leaves his room at around this time to contact Bernadette (Jessica Matten) about the latest developments in the case.

She relates how the station crowded out to see the moon landing. Next thing he knows, Jim has seen the gunman lurking behind him and is alerting Bernie to his location. Joe has a hunch that the shooter had something to do with the bombing at Drumco. Ge and Emma talk about their grief at the loss of their kid and their efforts to move on with their lives. Joe gets a call right in the thick of that deep talk. His knowledge of the shooter’s presence at the hospital leads him to believe that the blonde guy is out to get Chee.

The hospital is in disarray while he is out trying to resolve the emergency at home. The perpetrator sets off the fire alarm and begins searching for Chee. To avoid being discovered by his terrifying murderer, Chee takes refuge inside a room. The blond guy enters the room and immediately feels Chee’s presence in the vent. He fires at Chee before turning his gun on a guard.

Chee attacks the White guy on the ground. Chee avoids being sprayed by the guard. The blonde guy sprang out of the window and crashed through the top of a vehicle. When Bernie finally arrives at the hospital, he sees that the murderer has fled. Meanwhile, the dangerous guy fires a gun at a police officer, striking him in the face. When Joe and Bernie arrive, they decide to pursue the killer’s car.

They do, but the murderer is already far gone. It is too late to go out and find him right now. Sheriff Gordo Sena directs the search for the blonde guy from the Kayenta station. Joe gives the order to search any and all passing vehicles for any sign of the runaway. Meanwhile, he has Bernie look into what was written on the burnt piece of paper they discovered the day before.

When Chee comes in, he offers to provide a hand. Tomas Charley’s kid has to be returned to his mother, and Joe has asked him to do it. Mary Landon, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, is constant chasing of information on the effects of the birth control act on Native American women. She is troubled by the fact that it is leading to forced birth control of some women.

Mary attempts to talk to a local woman about the situation, but she won’t provide any information. Meanwhile, Emma assists a pregnant local woman throughout her labor. Seeing the plight of these unlucky women breaks her heart. In the meanwhile, the sheriff tracks down a guy he suspects to be the gunman. Joe knows for a certain that this is not their runaway.

Meanwhile, the real villain makes his way across the desert to a Native American woman’s home. She serves him a meal that includes a sheep’s eyeball. Since he doesn’t know the language, he has no idea. She tells of how her grandmother once witnessed a “monster” approaching their home from the desert. An Irish farmer was that monstrous individual. The blonde guy seems to be looking about the home while he listens to her narrative, maybe seeking means of egress.

When Bernie looks over the old paperwork about the Drumco site, he finds that it was signed by the science guy. Benny is being driven to his mom by Chee. He makes an effort to engage the youngster in conversation because they arrived early. Before Benny’s mom gets there, he goes out and gets something to eat. Benny recommends that Chee include his clan name on his card when he gives it out.

Their conversation provides insight into the degree to which they may attempt to conceal this facet of their identities from others around them. Meanwhile, despite living as Native Americans, the rambling conversation between Gordo and Joe reveals a constant threat from monsters.

After consulting the rock records, Bernie returns to the station with proof that the documents originated from the Drumco drilling site. Dylan Charley, one of their carriers, was the one who brought them the news. The absence of uranium meant the property had little value to the previous owners, so they sold it to B. J. Vines.

Joe is perplexed as to why Vine would have purchased it knowing this. After that, Joe and Bernie go to a nearby property to talk to the owner about the RV trash that was dumped there. A path left by the trailer’s wheels provides the police with a possible lead in their search for the gunman. The blonde guy, meanwhile, rides back to his RV after leaving it. At the last end, he hears a vehicle pull up outside. It’s safe to assume that this is the same scenario that kicked off the season.

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