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Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: “Wonders of the Unknown”

The first episode introduced a risky bad guy with ties to a bunch of awful truths about life on the rez. The Darkness folks and their sway over certain native people were talked about briefly. After Jim Chee left the FBI, he went into private detective work. While working on a new case for Mrs. Vines, he ran with an old coworker, Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon). Chee is shot while looking into the disappearance of a box. The dude also blows up Joe’s car, so they have little choice but to get back to their house. Check out the recap of “Wonders of the Unknown,” the second episode of Season 2 of Dark Winds.

What Happened In Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 2?

Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 2 Recap
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In the previous episode, Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon) were attacked by a strange gunman, who Chee later identified as the dude he spotted outside the building where he met Tomas Charley. This left the two men stranded in the desert. By the time the second episode begins, Chee has been shot and is bleeding a lot. A truck happens to be driving by as Joe drags him to the road. Chee is rushed to the hospital in time, but he’ll need to heal up there for a while.

Joe, in the meantime, looks into the situation on his own. He goes to see B.J. Vines to ask about the box’s contents. He shows his son’s belt buckle, but Vines says he’s innocent. Joe and Bernadette (Jessica Matten) go back to the location and find Tomas’s dead body in the sand. They visit him at home and discover his kid with a gift he thinks his dad left for him. Another explosive, this time, which raises some questions. What possible reason may there be for murdering Tomas’s kid along with the Charleys?

In the second season, Colton Wolf is at the heart of the mystery. His arrival happened with a string of killings, but what does he have to do with the Charleys? The Darkness folks must be involved in this somehow, since everything points that way. Emerson Charley and B.J. Vines had some unresolved problems, which led to the stealing of a box from Vines’ home. The two sides tell different stories about the cult. Mrs. Vines tells Chee that she heard Emerson Charley was mad at her husband, B.J., for getting him mixed up with the cult. Tomas Charley says B.J. Vines is a member of the Darkness folks.

The only way to figure this out is to find Colton Wolf and ask him. Joe learns that Wolf is tied to his kid’s death, and so to solving the mystery. Tomas’s grandson tells his son that he and a dude who looked like Colton used to hang out at their home while Tomas was still alive. Emerson warned the young man to stay away from Colton, warning that he was a dangerous man who had blown up a well, among other terrible things. Joe knows that his grandpa is talking about the explosion at the drill site, but the kid has no clue what well his grandfather is talking about.

It’s not surprising that someone like Colton Wolf, who likes explosives, would cause yet another blast. He was murdered enough to make Emerson’s death look like a sad accident. Joe’s observation helped stop the incident from being called an accident by the local cops. This shows Colton’s skill at his job and may explain why he was called to help with the explosion’s plans.

In the previous season, we found out that the father of Joe Jr.’s fiancée was among those at the drill site who knew something terrible was going to happen. They had been warned to take cover, and sure enough, the predicted explosion had the wanted result. Someone with ties to the Darkness folks made the prediction, and the cult grew after what happened. Is it possible that the cult is a cover for an evil plan? Who set off the bomb and why? Colton Wolf is the only one who knows the truth, but he’s busy with something else right now.

Jim Chee watches the moon landing with the medical staff in the last part of the show. Colton Wolf unexpectedly shows up to the clinic. He’s clearly colored his hair to hide who he is, but will Chee really forget the face of the dude who shot him? Colton’s job is easier since, even if Chee recognizes him, he’s hurt and so has a disadvantage.

Considering what’s happened, we may figure that someone hired Colton to do their dirty work. Tomas said that B.J. Vines cursed his father and family, so it’s likely tied to him. Maybe wiping out the Charleys is Vines’ way of showing how serious he is about his curses. It’s not clear if Vines specifically asked Colton to get rid of Chee, but he seems set on doing it.

In the original stuff for this season, Colton comes to the hospital planning to murder Chee but ends up murdering another patient instead. Chee has already sized up the situation and ran before he had a chance to realize his mistake. We expect a fight scene and/or a chase scene to make things way more exciting on the broadcast.

Chee will make it through this without harm, but he may end up with some more cuts and bruises. This second chance at life will only boost his determination to track down Colton. He’ll be glad to hear it, and he’ll pass it along to Leaphorn, who probably feels the same way

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