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Who Is Dan Link From Naked And Afraid?

Dan Link is a marine biologist who has gained recognition through his appearances on reality TV. Currently, he is making waves as one of the survivalists on Naked and Afraid; One Standing, a show aired on the Discovery Channel. The show presents contestants with the challenge of surviving in wilderness conditions without clothing or modern amenities.

About Dan Link From Naked And Afraid

Dan Link From Naked And Afraid
Source: Naked And Afraid, Discovery

Dan Link was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on October 10, 1990. He showcased his survival expertise and skills in environments as a participant in the reality TV series “Naked and Afraid XL.” Although Dan Link may not have a presence, his noteworthy accomplishments and impressive survival abilities continue to inspire those who follow his incredible journey.


Dan Link graduated from Webster Thomas High School in 2008. After completing school, he pursued studies at Monroe Community College in 2012. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, which reflects his dedication and passion for this field of study.

Personal Life

According to IMDB, Dan from Naked and Afraid is openly gay. He is currently committed to David Serpa, who works as an arborist based in Honolulu. The couple openly shares their relationship on media, often posting messages and pictures of each other. They even live together with their dog named Koopa, which shows their deep connection and shared life.


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Link is a biologist who works as a field biologist in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Additionally, he has served two years in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua.

Dan Link In Naked And Afraid

Dan Link became known for his survival skills showcased in reality shows. One notable appearance was on the 2019 season of Naked and Afraid XL, a Discovery Channel series that first aired in 2015. Specifically, Dan was featured on the episode of season ten titled “What the Duck?” on April 29th that year.

As a participant in ” Afraid XL,” Dan Link demonstrated his survival expertise and adaptability within different challenging environments. His background as a biologist, combined with his spirit, brought a unique and captivating element to his presence on the show, earning him recognition and admiration from viewers. In recent times, we discover that Dan is again gearing up to compete in this acclaimed reality series. However, this time will be different as he faces challenges while striving to survive in South Africa’s Oribi George.