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Cruel Summer Season 2: Filming Locations, Review, And Cast List

Season 2 of Freeform’s TV series sticks to the same layout as the previous one and is informed in 3 various timelines: Summer 1999, Winter 1999, and Summer 2000. In addition to the brand-new cast and a retrospective timeline, Season 2 of Cruel Summer has a new setup about the filming locations. As such, let’s check out the places where the TV series was shot and some related information about Cruel Summer season 2.

Where Was Cruel Summer Season 2 Shot?


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Season 2 was shot in the seaside city of Richmond, British Columbia, consisting of Sunset Marina and the Sea To Sky Highway. The TV series was fired over a much shorter time, around 4 months. Followers of the series can read acquainted views by going to either city for a sightseeing excursion and anticipate even more season 2 episodes going down quickly.

Where To Watch Cruel Summer 2?

You can watch Cruel Summer Season 2 streaming on Hulu and Freeform or purchase it on Microsoft Store, Apple Television, Google Play, and Amazon Video.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Review

Cruel Summer Season 2 Review
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Cruel Summer Season 2 is good at making the ’90s even more of a character, not just since the impending “hazard” of Y2K becomes part of the tale, but likewise since the episodes utilize songs and also periodically some amateur filmmaking to communicate exactly how it felt to be to life during that time. The series still fails to properly portray the net and computer system life in the ’90s.

Cruel Summer continues to be an intriguing series to watch, even though for a lot of its period, customers had early accessibility to the very first 7 episodes. It does not have the strike and the nail-biting spins we’ve pertained to anticipate based upon Season 1. However, if you’re just stressed about having fun with lots of girls, you have no worries accompanying for Season 2 since both Stanley and Underwood also have personal appeal.

Cast List In Season 2