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Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: “Confess Your Sins”

This week we snagged loads of answers, most of them just what we thought. Those who bet on the revenge going pear-shaped got lucky. Even though we’re inches from the finish line, it seems like we’re tuned into the wrong channel. We ought to have a clue about the score by now. The last two episodes were crazy and pressing, but Episode 8 of Cruel Summer Season 2 seemed like hitting the brakes.

We’re still in the dark about what went down with Luke (Griffin Gluck), and now the questions we thought we had covered are popping up again. Here are all the pesky details you need to get about this mixed-up episode.

What Happened In Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 8?

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap
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After Luke shows off and attempts to handle relationships with Megan (Sadie Stanley) and Isabella, stuff goes way off the rails. Megan decides to get back at him and smartly baits Luke into heading to the cabin by promising some risky fun. Once there, she gets him bound and grills him till he lets the cat out of the bag: Luke fesses up to filming the tape but swears he didn’t want anyone else to peep it and hasn’t got a clue who hit play at the bash. Isabella is also there to grill him, but it doesn’t play out well.

Luke’s only got his own hide in mind and spills that he and Isabella were an item before he stepped out with Megan. This hits Megan hard. Who was sure she and Luke were each other’s firsts? Even though he’s snagged, Luke manages to twist the situation and stirs up a brawl between the besties. Megan can’t swallow Isabella’s lies, and Luke brings up their private chats where Megan dubbed Isabella as needy and grabby.

This ticks Isabella off, and they end up in a hot debate where she demands that Luke fess up to making her fib. Lexi Underwood is doing a fab job as Isabella, showcasing her real pain and turning into one of those unforgettable TV characters who can’t let things go. It makes Megan look like the baddie, especially since Luke should’ve been straight with her. But this massive face-off takes us to a major climax: Isabella whips out a gun and fires, leaving us on tenterhooks as the screen turns dark.

During the summer of ’99, new pals are made, and secrets are stored while the gang gears up for the last lap at high school at the car wash fundraiser. In the winter of ’99, Megan and Isabella are digging for the reality. Come the summer of 2000, Debbie’s dead-set on safeguarding her kid. “Confess Your Sins” is the gloomiest episode of the run so far. Even in the seemingly innocent timeline, it’s clear that these dudes have problems with women. During the charity car wash in the summer of ’99, the women have to strut in swimsuits, and Brent makes the most of it by tugging on Isabella’s bikini ties, nearly flashing her to everyone.

When his old man Steve drops by, he shrugs it off with a chilled “boys will be boys” remark. Even Jeff, who’s usually the gentleman, is mixed up in dealing with VHS tapes that likely have raunchy stuff on them. The guys bring up the infamous Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee tape, but we’re clueless about what’s on Jeff’s tapes. The whole thing is gross and a total shift from the women’s stories, which revolve around friendships and intense feelings. By the summer of 2000, things take a downturn for the gang.

Luke’s a goner, and the fuzz finds out that Megan and Isabella lied about the tape. They nab them sneaking into Ned’s pad to nick the security footage showing they were at the cabin the night Luke bit the dust. The sheriff even lands footage from the party that night, shot with Jeff’s camcorder. He singles out Megan and Isabella’s chat about making Luke rue the day he met them. Overall, things look grim for the girls, and their only exit is to pit against each other.

Face it, Megan’s only thinking about herself and her computer science program at the University of Washington. All season, it’s been odd that Megan barely bats an eye at Luke’s death. They were pals turned sweethearts from childhood, and despite their tangled relationship and his fibs, you’d reckon she’d feel a bit of sorrow over his death.

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