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Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: “It’s the End of the World”

As Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7 unfolds, Megan and Isabella embark on their quest for justice. This episode provides crucial revelations regarding Luke’s fate and introduces potential perpetrators connected to his disappearance. Before diving into the much-anticipated season finale, let’s delve into all necessary information and contemplate various prevailing theories.

What Happened In Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7?

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7 Recap
Source: Cruel Summer, Freeform

Veronica Mars happens upon some shocking information while Megan (Sadie Stanley) secretly works as a hacker for hire with guidance from Ned himself. Surprisingly enough, Steve and Brent do not question Meg’s involvement when they learn about it; instead, they assume Ned is manipulating her and think Ned killed Luke (Griffin Gluck) due to a dispute involving her. While seemingly plausible, this theory is only one possible scenario among many. 

Brent, known for his disrespectful attitude towards women, takes it upon himself to warn Megan about Ned’s reputation and recounts the sketchy aspects of Ned’s past. This includes an allegation that Ned assaulted his boss, causing him serious harm. Megan, however, chooses not to believe this information despite being a victim of Ned’s violent outburst in the parking lot, where he attacked both her and Luke just a day before Luke died. Megan seems to have been too distracted by her boyfriends’ concerning behavior at the time to take note of Neds’ glaring red flags. Fans watching “The Plunge” would have already noticed that Luke was acting like an unpleasant person.

“The End of The World” shows that he somehow manages to worsen his behavior. Let us now travel back in time six months prior on New Year’s Eve 1999, while others are preoccupied with worries about Y2K triggering chaos worldwide. Ned finds himself consumed by conspiracy theories predicting the world’s impending end. While all this is happening globally, Megan is more concerned with trying to understand why her best friend suddenly made a move on her boyfriend out of nowhere.

Luke Is Undeniable, A Real Jerk

Interestingly enough, however, Isabella had ended her relationship with Luke so that he could be in a relationship with Megan instead. It doesn’t seem reasonable for her to betray her best friend like that suddenly. When Meg brings up her concerns to Luke, he wastes no time fabricating a story that portrays Izzie as a jealous individual who wants Megan all to herself. 

Luke suggests how Isabella’s hateful feelings when he and Megan stay together, but Megan hasn’t noticed this. Luke tries to convince Megan by indicating Isabella wants them to break up. Despite his attempts, Megan doesn’t appear entirely convinced.

Being unpleasant doesn’t warrant Luke’s death; however, it does seem that his negative behavior played a role in his untimely demise. He clearly could have heeded Megan’s desire to cancel the New Year’s Eve party, but Luke insisted on getting “Y2Krunk” with his friends instead. 

In contrast, he shouldn’t have tried to kiss Isabella and then lied about it. He also should have refrained from bragging about it to all his friends in front of Meg. This girl was genuinely willing to believe you, my friend, even after she confronted Isabella about the kiss and received a truthful response.

Megan was still ready to support and stand by Luke. It must be noted that the jerkish version of Luke we witness now is quite different from the loving and caring Loverboy Luke we witnessed during the scenes in July 1999. Following Luke’s birthday party the morning after. He and Meg spend time cleaning up the house and closing up the cabin before an approaching storm. 

They also engage in flirtatious banter over walkie-talkies while exploring the woods together. Besides a brief encounter with Ned, it is an idyllic day filled with teenage romance that concludes with their first kiss at sunset. Now fast forward six months later. And Luke is shamelessly boasting about his ability to mistreat women.

Megan’s patience wears thin as she absorbs all that has been relayed to her. A surge of determination ignites within her as she races back to Isabella’s side, an overflow of remorse alongside unwavering righteousness fueling her every step.  While the intricacies of their strategy devised for making Luke pay for his transgressions remain shrouded in mystery at this point, save for its initial phase involving enticing him back towards their cottage, one thing remains certain: it is unlikely that events will unfold favorably from here on out.

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