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Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: “Endgame”

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 10 fooled us by showing the person we thought was the killer. Yet, this was just the start of wild twists at the end of the season. The finale’s twists gave us some confirmations, chilling reminders of people’s ability to do terrible things and the cool reality that some could hide their lies with cool masks, lying right to us.

What Happened In Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 10?

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 10 Recap
Source: Cruel Summer, Freeform

The stuff in Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 10 happened between January 1, 2000, and August 2, 2000. In a wild twist, the episode showed the person we kinda thought was the killer. This was just the beginning of the wild twists at the end. Some were things we guessed, while others showed lies and how bad people can be. Early in winter 2000, Luke (Griffin Gluck) called Brent to the dock after getting free. Brent showing up seemed to make Luke feel better, but then it jumped to Brent at home, all wet and cold.

Steve found wet footprints and went to the dock, yelling for his youngest kid but got no answer. Though they didn’t say it, it seems like Brent killed Luke. Steve just thought he’d already lost one kid and didn’t want to lose another one. He told Brent to hide how he was feeling and pretend like Luke had run away. Some folks, like Sheriff Myer and Megan (Sadie Stanley), knew Luke wanted to join the Coast Guard, so that worked as a good excuse. The next day, Megan and Isabella went back to the cabin and, finding it empty, started looking for Luke.

A later fight showed they faked Luke’s runaway note ’cause Isabella said so. They stopped being friends over this, explaining why they weren’t close later in 2000. On August 2, 2000, Megan and Isabella got out of jail by blaming each other, so the cops had to let them go. After looking at some computer stuff, they went to Steve’s office and ran into Brent. When Isabella blamed Steve, he shot back with some news about how Lisa died. Isabella then gave the cops a changed video, getting Megan arrested for killing Luke.

Isabella said something about old times, but Megan shut her down, so Isabella left for Ibiza. Brent faced a tough choice when Megan got arrested and decided to tell her what really happened. He said Luke’s death was an accident after a fight, and he fell into the water. Brent and Steve got arrested in the summer of 2000 for this. Luke’s life was all messed up since his mom died, ending with a tape mess-up at a party on Christmas Eve and his messed-up plans to join the Coast Guard.

The show also said Luke blamed himself for his mom’s death and thought his dad did too. Near the end, Ned helped Megan get a job in Palo Alto. At the dock, she found a video showing Isabella killing Luke. Even though Cruel Summer is a bunch of different stories, it makes sense that Megan will try to get justice. She might even ask Steve for help to clear both his and Brent’s names. The last episode also showed a shocking thing: Isabella didn’t just kill Luke; she tried to blame Megan.

Her last scene shows her making a new friend on a plane, just like how she did with Megan. Meanwhile, Megan finding out about Isabella’s guilt shows she’s ready to get back at her. This episode had all sorts of turns and surprises. Some were scary reminders of how bad people can be, while others were crazy moments of betrayal.

The season ended without saying what Megan will do next, but we know she won’t just let it go. Her maybe working with Steve, since it would clear his name and Brent’s, gives us a juicy clue about what could happen next.

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