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Who Plays Creeper In Mayans MC? Meet Joseph Lucero

Neron ‘Creeper’ Vargas is a member of the Mayans Motorbike Club, Santo Padre charter; Creeper is a significant part of Mayans MC and the FX initial series Sons of Anarchy. Creeper debuted in the episode “Perro/Oc” in Mayans MC’s first season. The actor Joseph Lucero plays Creeper in Mayans MC. Below are some interesting facts about the actor.

Meet Joseph Lucero, Who Plays Creeper In Mayans MC

Who Plays Creeper In Mayans MC
Source: Mayans MC, FX Productions

Joseph Raymond Lucero is an American star best known for his part as Detective David Aceveda in the FX drama series The Shield. Lucero was birthed in San Diego in 1977, and he is the third generation of a gang bang. Both his parents were heroin addicts, which caused Lucero’s initial cops to experience at only 9.

Joseph Had A Tough Past

He is married to Jennifer Lucero Morris. The pair has 2 kids: Joey Lucero and Jennifer Lucero Morris. Joseph quit gang-banging when his child was born while he remained in state jail. Throughout the first 26 years of his life, he invested 12 behind bars. 6 of those years were for the tried murders of 3 people. He was among the very first people to be billed under the Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act.

Career, Movies, And TV Shows

Joseph Lucero has appeared in various TV programs, movies, and computer games. He made his acting debut in the 2006 movie Gridiron Gang. He joined the cast of the 2007 movie Father G and the Homeboys.

The actor has also shown up in some episodes of the TV series “Emergency Room,” “Cold Case,” “Criminal Minds,” and also Shameless. Joseph plays “Creeper” in the Sons of Anarchy spin-off collection Mayans MC, which will broadcast its 3rd period from September 2020 until now.

Joseph might be best known for his part in CSI: Miami Chuck and The Magicians. He has starred in movies such as Sinister Six, The Predator, and Dead Rising: Watchtower. Along with acting, Lucero has generated numerous short movies and TV series.