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Who Is Chris Underwood On The Challenge?

Christopher “Chris” Underwood, a name synonymous with victory in the thrilling game of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” raised the stakes by entering “The Challenge: USA 2.” His remarkable triumph in Survivor, despite being voted out early and then clawing his way back through the unique “Edge of Extinction” twist, fueled his desire to explore new competitive horizons. His journey on “The Challenge” showcased his unyielding determination, clever strategies, and physical strength.

The very attributes that crowned him the winner of Survivor were once again in the spotlight in “The Challenge,” earning admiration from fans and fellow players alike. His involvement in “The Challenge” penned a fresh chapter in his legacy, cementing his status as a formidable and surprising contender in the realm of reality TV.

Get To Know Chris Underwood

Chris Underwood On The Challenge
Source: The Challenge, MTV

Chris Underwood was born on October 6, 1992, in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, to a family with 5 members. His mother (Ann), father (Panamanian), brothers (Spencer and Tyler), and sister (Ellen).


High school years were spent at the Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach, where Chris’s passion for basketball blossomed. He even set a school record for career points scored. After graduating in 2011, he headed to Wofford College in Spartanburg, trading his basketball for a football. There, he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies and Spanish, graduating in 2015.

Social Media

Like other reality stars, Chris is active on social media with his personal life and work. He has an Instagram account with over 25k followers and Twitter with 5k followers.

Personal Life

Underwood’s life took a romantic turn when he met Katelyn Jermstad at a college gathering in the summer of 2015. Sparks flew, and the couple soon began dating. They exchanged vows on April 26, 2019, just 20 days before the Edge of Extinction finale. The family blossomed with the birth of their daughter, Margot Lyn Underwood, in 2022.

Career And TV Reality

Underwood’s professional life began behind the counter as a barista, a role that eventually led him to manage the coffee shop. His career trajectory then soared to the position of District Sales Manager for a prominent solar company.

Chris became the first Latin-American man to win the Sole Survivor title and the second Latin-American winner, following Sandra Diaz-Twine’s victories in Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains. In May 2022, Chris joined the NMB Celebrity Survivor Challenge as a celebrity tribe captain. He was the 7th person voted out and became the 3rd member of the jury.

Fast forward to 2023, Chris once again embraced competition on CBS’s The Challenge: USA 2, where he found his place on the Blue Team. His story continues to unfold, a testament to a man whose name symbolizes relentless pursuit and unexpected triumph.