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Who Is Candice Mishler On Naked And Afraid?

Have you ever encountered Candice Mishler, a known model and television personality from shows like “90 Day Fiance” and “Naked And Afraid”? If not, let me share some information about her!

About Candice Mishler On Naked And Afraid

Candice Mishler
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Candice was born in 1986 in Peoria, Arizona. She is David and Nuna Mishler’s daughter; her grandparents are Ted Winston Lewis and Donna Lewis. She also has siblings named Devon Mishler (married to Taylor) and Winnie Mishler.

You can find Candice Mishler on Instagram, with nearly 30k followers. She regularly updates her life on Facebook sharing photos of her hobbies like fishing and hunting. It seems that hunting and fishing are more than hobbies for her.

Personal Life

Candice got divorced from Josh in 2014 after being married for nine years. They have a son together named Jett. Even though their marriage ended years ago, Josh and Candice have remained friends while co-parenting their son. They have known each other for their years. Share a long history, as Josh revealed.


Apart from being a mother to Jett, Candice has a career as a model. She has experience in both print and digital photography. On her LinkedIn profile, she also mentions working as a project manager at Doege Development, LLC since October 2015. From March 2013 to August 2015, she held the role of multimedia account manager at Republic Media Multimedia.

In 2022 Candice is still actively involved with Run ‘n Arrow as part of their staff. You know, Run ‘n Arrow is a team of passionate hunters who are dedicated to sharing the wonders of the great outdoors with the public. Additionally, Candice is proud to have her boat.

Recently, Candice has returned to the fold, joining the cast of “Naked And Afraid” in the series titled “Castaways.” This intriguing show features a total of 9 participants and was filmed on the mysterious outskirts of the Bermuda Triangle.