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Who Is Calvin Cobb From Love Island?

Calvin Cobb, a participant in Season 2 of Love Island USA, joined the villa on Day 5 and secured third place alongside Moira Tumas on Day 40. The audience may still be curious about Calvin, so let’s check out some interesting facts about him below!

Get To Know Calvin Cobb From Love Island

Get To Know Calvin Cobb From Love Island
Source: Love Island, ITV

Calvin Cobb was born on January 5, 1996, in Houston, Texas. He gained fame as a finalist on the known reality TV show Love Island (US). Finished in the third position during its second season in 2020.

How Tall Is He?

According to the NTA Model Management agency, Calvin stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches. Although he may appear shorter compared to guys in the villa, he is not considered short. The NTA’s website also mentions that Calvin wears a US shoe size 11.


Before debuting on Love Island, Calvin worked as a sales manager. Currently, he is still pursuing his modeling career while enjoying quality time with his friends and family and exploring parts of the world. Recently, Calvin was featured as a model on several covers of Narrative Magazine. There’s one for the photo shoot that was inspired by the 2000 horror film American Psycho starring Christian Bale.


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Are Moira and Calvin Still Together?

Despite showcasing a connection and sharing pictures of themselves during cute and funny moments, Moira and Calvin’s relationship was relatively short-lived. Two months after their appearance on ‘Love Island,’ the couple decided to part ways. Based on our observations, Moira and Calvin have parted ways on terms. We wish them both the best in finding love in the coming days.

At present, Calvin is dedicated to pursuing his modeling aspirations, while Moira is occupied with her modeling and acting endeavors in Miami, Florida.