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Who Is Brayden From The Bachelorette? Is He Gay?

Brayden Bowers is one of the contestants on ‘The Bachelorette’s Season 20 who had the privilege of sharing a kiss with Charity Lawson in the premiere. During Charity’s season, Brayden found himself entangled in some dramatic moments as his appearance and information caught our attention. So, Let’s take a look at some key facts about Brayden. 

About Brayden Bowers From The Bachelorette

Brayden From The Bachelorette
Source: The Bachelorette, ABC

At just 24 years old, Brayden is among the younger participants in this season of The Bachelorette. Although he is three years younger than Charity, his age shouldn’t hinder him if he’s truly ready to find love and settle down. Regarding physical status, Brayden has an average body build and stands at an estimated height of around 6 feet tall. 


Brayden Bowers is pursuing a major in Biology at Palomar College, despite still being enrolled as of 2023. He demonstrates a clear commitment to furthering his knowledge and skills. Additionally, Brayden holds a license as a Licensed Practical Nurse from the Texas Board of Nursing. This certification was issued in October 2018 but expired in April 2020. 

Brayden Bowers Works As A Travel Nurse

Outside of his involvement with The Bachelorette as one of Charity Lawsons’ suitors, Brayden works as a travel nurse. Originally from San Diego, California. He has been dedicated to building his career in the medical field before becoming a travel nurse. Brayden served in the U.S. Army earlier this year. Contrary to some speculations or rumors that may have circulated. 

Is Brayden Gay?

No, Brayden is not gay. He has been involved in serious relationships and is genuinely excited about this unique opportunity to date Charity on the show. Looking ahead to potential future partnerships. Brayden hopes to find someone who embodies honesty and adventure while also showering love upon his furry companion, his dog named River. 

Brayden On A Kiss With Charity On The Bachelorette

As an initial sign of positive recognition, Brayden was awarded the first impression rose from Charity during their encounter. However, it’s difficult to predict his overall journey on The Bachelorette. Even if Charity ultimately decides not to choose him in the end. At least he had the honor of receiving that symbolic rose. 

Other Contestants May Not Like Brayden

Brayden’s fellow Bachelorette contestants don’t hold much fondness for him. Particularly those who were present during his discussion about Charity. Sean McLaughlin and Aaron B.. Among others. Believed that Charity would dismiss him from the competition. To their surprise, Brayden was awarded the first impression rose instead. 

Aaron B., who had anticipated receiving it himself, expressed in his interview that there would now be a conflict. Typically when a villain emerges, the other contestants eventually bring it to the lead’s attention. However, in this case, Charity had already been forewarned by her brother but chose to disregard his advice. Unfortunately, Brayden seems to have been cast as the antagonist in this all too familiar Bachelorette narrative.