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Billions Season 7 Filming Locations: Where ‘Billions’ Was Filmed?

The curtain falls on Showtime’s much-praised series ‘Billions,’ and the concluding season presents a visual spectacle that crosses borders. It takes you on a journey from the lively streets of New York City to the ancient splendor of the UK’s Raby Castle. The places chosen for filming Season 7 are not only varied but also emblematic.

Billions Season 7 Filming Locations

Billions Season 7 Filming Locations:
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The majority of the filming for ‘Billions’ took place in New York’s various neighborhoods and also in the UK. Locations like Yonkers City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Orangeburg were featured, and if you’re a local, you might recognize some of these spots. Let’s delve into the details.

Raby Castle, UK


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In the seventh season, a castle closely mirrors Raby Castle in County Durham, England. This ancient wonder, nestled within a vast 200-acre deer park, has historical connections stretching back to the 11th century. A gift from King Knut to the Prior of Durham, the castle, along with its neighboring Deer Park & The Plotters’ Forest, provides a rich historical setting that infuses the storyline with added complexity and nuance.

New York City

To simplify, we’ve grouped the filming in various boroughs under New York City. Within the city, scenes were captured at locations like 46th Street and 3rd Avenue and around the Upper West Side. You can even find a tweet about it.

Filming also extensively covered the Tribeca area, with shots taken at the north side of Harrison St., the East side of West St., and between Chambers and Moore Streets. Other scenes were filmed at Murray St. and Church St. in Tribeca, as confirmed by a tweet.

“Billions” also showcases lavish interiors shot at specific locations. Axe’s NYC apartment is located at 145 Hudson Street, known as The Sky Lofts, while his Hamptons mansion was filmed in Michael Loeb’s home on Meadow Lane, Southampton. Salutation, the grandest house on Salutation Island, is used for other luxurious settings. These locations infuse the show with a sense of realism and splendor.

Will There Be A Season 3 Of ‘Billions’?

Sadly, Showtime has officially announced that ‘Billions’ will conclude with its seventh season. Since its debut in 2016, the show has secured its position as one of Showtime’s longest-running series.