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Who Is Carsten “Bergie” In Love Island USA?

Casten Bergie is one of the contestants set to appear on the season of Love Island USA. He’s known for being the kind of person who pays attention to the intricacies of any woman he’s interested in, aiming to establish a genuine connection with the lady sitting opposite him. Here we provide you with the details about Bergie.

About Bergie In Love Island USA

Bergie In Love Island USA
Source: Love Island, Peacock

Bergie was born in 2000, and hails from a quaint town in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. He resides in Madison, South Dakota, a town with a population of six thousand. Bergie embodies the essence of a small-town person seeking big-time love.


Having completed their studies in healthcare at Dakota State University in May 2023, Bergie’s educational background clearly reflects their passion for health and fitness. As a South Dakota native, Bergie works as a manager at Dairy Queen. This self-proclaimed hopeless romantic has taken time off from work to find a long-lasting relationship.


The contestant, who is 23 years old, confessed that although he has gone on a date, he has never had a serious girlfriend. However, in his introduction segment, he mentioned being a fan of Margot Robbie and later told Anna that she perfectly fits his type.

In conversations with Anna, Bergie expressed his desire for a partner more passionate about her career than someone who solely wishes to be a stay-at-home mom. However, he did not specify what type of occupation he envisions for his partner or outline his future career aspirations.

Bergie After Exitting Love Island

Out of the five votes, Anna and Bergie received four votes collectively. Interestingly they both nominated themselves as the couple. However, there was a twist when it was revealed that one of them would be leaving the competition, and they had to decide. This came as a surprise to everyone involved. Ultimately Bergie chose to exit because he feared feeling guilty if it were reversed.

As of now, Bergie appears to be thriving in life. While participating in the Peacock show, his aunt managed his account for some time. Showered him with love and support, which made him happy.


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