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Founder, Chief In Editor

With an online publishing career spanning seven years. Thanh Do is a proven leader regarded for his exceptional recruitment skills, especially in financial markets. Thanh is also the mastermind behind R2Lmovie - a unique community providing entertainment enthusiasts with information that deepens their appreciation of cinema before founding this platform.Thanh held high-ranking positions, such as Content Manager at Happy Kite Media and Media Specialist at Sconnect Media, winning him extensive industry expertise crucial in his role as Founder and Chief Content Officer of R2Lmovie, under his leadership. R2Lmovie has captivating storytelling enhanced by user-friendly functionality - redefining movie experiences for everyone without compromising quality through innovation. With these attributes, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence. Thanh Do breaking new ground in the media landscape by reshaping how people engage silver screen magic through his company- The driving force behind success in this dynamic space!


Adem Cooper, an Australian writer living in Vietnam, boasts a commendable three-year tenure in the media industry. Specializing in reality television, TV series, movies, and celebrity news, Cooper's expertise is extensive. With a Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious University of Melbourne, he has successfully driven growth for media brands and e-commerce companies through unique content creation and strategic social media oversight. In the future, his skills will be strategically allocated to story selection and content planning, focusing on newly released TV shows and movies.

Meet Mikayla Barr, a dedicated full-time writer at R2Lmovie, specializing in entertainment and news writing. With a degree in Communication and Media from the University of Newcastle, her expertise is rooted in a solid academic background. Mikayla's love for movies shines through in her work as she delivers current updates on films, US reality TV, and global entertainment culture. Her experience in various jobs related to movies and TV show news enhances her understanding of the industry, making her an indispensable team member.

Pierina Anima, a devoted remote writer of R2Lmovie, is an entertainment junkie turned aspiring writer. "Armed" with a rich academic background, including BSM and MPA degrees from the University of Leeds, she is now exploring her passion for storytelling. Anima is a big fan of TV series on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms and would like to spend hours to lay down and watching them. Amidst her literary pursuits, Pierina finds solace in dancing, indulging in her rhythmic expression when she believes no eyes are upon her.

Rory Jarvis is a valuable freelance writer at R2Lmovie, having previously played a crucial role at R2Lmovie.com. As a senior entertainment and news writer, Jarvis brings a wealth of expertise in the field, specifically focusing on the entertainment industry. Her articles encompass various topics, including the latest updates on movies, US reality TV, and global entertainment culture.

Ivan, a freelance TV and Movies Writer at R2Lmovie, possesses a diverse specialization encompassing mainstream cinema, independent filmmaking, and television. With an impressive six-year tenure in the industry, she has contributed insightful content to local and international websites. Ivan's profound interest in the arts was initially sparked during her A-level coursework in film.