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And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

“And Just Like That,” Season 2 Episode 9 focuses on the women’s present states, both in their heads and bodies. As their relationship grows, Carrie and Aidan take the spotlight as Miranda and Charlotte handle their own issues. Relationships get tested, choices are made, and unexpected turns pop up as the characters keep growing.

What Happened In And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 9?

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 9 Recap
Source: And Just Like That, HBO Max

Season 2, episode 9 kicks off with Aidan causing a fuss with folks in Che’s building. Aidan comes to New York for the weekend and is super friendly to the neighbors, which is what you do when you’re staying in someone else’s place to “sleep.” Aidan tries to get one of his sons to talk to Carrie, but the boy isn’t getting it at all, making him say sorry to her.

They soon find an envelope saying they’ve gone past the 30-day guest limit. Carrie thinks they should meet at her place, but Aidan shoots that down right away. Elsewhere, Seema (Sarita Choudhury) starts dating the hot European filmmaker despite her doubts, leading one of her coworkers to say that you’ve got to do whatever you can to make a sale. It’ll be cool to see how long that lasts. Seema felt lonely seeing how fast Carrie got back together with Aidan, and it made her think about how Carrie had two great romances, and she had none.

The growing romance with the European filmmaker looks good, but if the past episodes are anything to go by, Seema’s love stories always end after she finds something weird about her partners. We’re really hoping Seema can break the habit and finally find a steady guy. Meanwhile, Che meets a potential crush when someone brings kittens to Che’s work. Che also kicks Aidan and Carrie out, though things are a lot friendlier than it sounds.

Elsewhere, Anthony can’t believe that a young and good-looking guy like Giuseppe would want him and gets more and more suspicious. He finds every excuse to dodge and even starts thinking Giuseppe is with him for a Green Card. When Anthony finally shares his doubts, Giuseppe says one of his parents is American, and he’s a dual citizen. Finally thinking it’s not a big prank, Anthony starts dating Giuseppe. Nya “sleeps” all the time with a guy from a dating app and at first, likes how detached a “sleep” can be.

Of course, their antics annoy Miranda, who’s next door. There’s only one bathroom at Nya’s, and you have to go through her room, adding to Miranda’s troubles. During the breaks from their sleep, Nya and her partner scroll on social media, glad they don’t have to chat. But Nya gets lonely seeing a pic of her ex with his new love and sends the guy packing.

Harry wrongly thinks Charlotte’s new boss likes her, but it turns out he likes Blondes, and his trying to talk to Carrie at a party at Charlotte and Harry’s place is a disaster when he reminds her of Big’s death. At the same party, Lisa shares her baby news. That apartment is one of the most famous things in ‘Sex and the City,’ a key part of Carrie’s identity. After Big’s passing, she moved back because that’s where she felt best alone, the only place for single life. Things are different with Aidan back.

As great as he’s always been, Aidan tells her he can’t ever go into that apartment again because of the bad memories. In this episode, Carrie decides to sell the apartment and look for a bigger place where Aidan and his boys can stay. Seema seems to have just the place. Carrie’s surprised when Aidan’s ex, Kathy, gets in touch and asks to meet, but she agrees. When they finally talk, Kathy begs Carrie not to hurt Aidan again, now that kids are involved. Carrie sees what she means and doesn’t get mad.

Later, she tells Seema she’ll buy the bigger place and calls her current home her old apartment, showing she’s ready to move on. Lily’s driven and focused, totally different from Brady since his girlfriend dumped him. Worried, Miranda asks Charlotte if Lily can help her son, leading to Lily’s visit. When Miranda gets home the next morning, she finds Lily leaving Brady’s room, making her think they slept. When she tells Charlotte, they debate what to do but end up deciding to let things play out.”

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