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And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: “A Hundred Years Ago”

In season 2 episode 8 of “And Just Like That,” viewers watched as Carrie and Aidan’s love life is blooming again. At the same time, Anthony was really into his employee, Charlotte was struggling with body changes, and Miranda was really getting ahead in her internship. Here’s a detailed summary of Season Two, episode eight of “And Just Like That.”

What Happened In And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 8?

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 8 Recap
Source: And Just Like That, HBO

The story starts with Aidan and Carrie, cozied up in a hotel room, enjoying great times probably the best they’ve ever had. They smartly worked around Aidan’s hesitations to visit Carrie’s place by meeting up in hotel rooms. Even though it costs a lot, they really love their time together. Carrie’s pals, especially those who know Aidan, worry about how fast they’re moving again.

This makes Carrie admit that her current fling with Aidan has a special vibe, really different from their previous relationship and her past romances. Carrie is on cloud nine, with her frequent “high” making her wonder if her past with Mr. Big was a mistake. Sadly, Miranda, who she goes to for advice, doesn’t really help.

At the same time, Miranda starts her internship with Human Rights Watch, quickly becoming important over her younger coworkers because of her impressive work history, which includes years of working in corporate law. However, the special treatment ticks off the younger interns who start talking behind Miranda’s back. The growing discomfort pushes her to talk to her boss, who tells Miranda her heavy work is because she’s really good.

In another part of the city, Charlotte is getting ready to start her job at an art gallery. When she tells her kids, she’s happy they’re not making a fuss. During her shopping trip with Lisa, Charlotte picks a dress that, sadly, shows off her belly and the belt keeps going up. A suggestion for more “loose” dresses from a young sales assistant annoys her, and she buys the dress in spite. After Charlotte’s meltdown, Lisa tries to calm the confused sales assistant by saying she’ll understand better when she’s older.

Even though Charlotte’s husband says she looks great, she feels self-conscious and decides to wear shapewear under the dress. Feeling uncomfortable during her ride to work, Charlotte finally decides to be comfortable with herself and takes off the shapewear. Carrie comes up to Che with a plan to turn their apartment into an Airbnb for her and Aidan’s use. With Che’s constant guest problems, they accept the offer. Now Carrie and Aidan have a private place for Aidan’s visits without spending a fortune on hotel rooms.

They start making the plain apartment feel like home, adding things from kitchen stuff to clothes hangers. But, Che unexpectedly comes home one day because the neighbors are getting more and more suspicious about the low-key couple, Carrie and Aidan. Seeing the obvious love between them, Che asks about their past breakup. This question makes Carrie come clean about her past mistakes, leading to a heartfelt hug from Aidan. It seems like Aidan’s long-held anger and pain are finally going away.

However, the episode isn’t free of criticism. Like, making the supporting women characters just add-ons in the story. Lisa just helps Charlotte buy a dress, and Seema’s part is only related to Carrie. On the other hand, Anthony has his own story going, involving a good-looking Italian guy, who turns out to be gay. Among the new people in Carrie’s life, her connection with Seema (Sarita Choudhury) is the deepest, both having hit it off after Mr. Big died.

Despite many relationships after that, none compare to Carrie’s current one with Aidan. Even though Carrie’s past choices are full of doubts, Seema correctly says that Carrie has been lucky to have two great loves. But Aidan’s presence makes Seema feel envious, realizing she’s never had a similar relationship.

This feeling gets stronger when Carrie forgets their planned trip to the Hamptons. Uncomfortable with how she’s changing, Seema asks Carrie for some space. Even though their friendship could end, Carrie gives her the space. This break lets Seema deal with her issues. Much to Carrie’s happiness, Seema shows up unexpectedly when Aidan meets Charlotte and Miranda.

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