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And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Aidan

In Season 2, Episode 7 of “And Just Like That,” we’re taken for a ride that’s full of romance, heartbreak, and quick-witted humor. The episode focuses on stuff like love, connecting with people, picking a job, and having kids. It also shows the complex life of living in the busy, always-changing New York City.

What Happened In And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 7?

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 7 Recap
Source: And Just Like That, HBO

The episode starts off when Carrie finds out she got a message from Aidan Shaw. While hanging out with her friends at a restaurant, she spills that Aidan has invited her to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Charlotte, always the dreamy love-lover, is really happy. The girls shoot the breeze, wondering if Aidan knows that their get-together is on Valentine’s Day.

Charlotte thinks it’s all good either way: If he’s forgotten the date, he’s single; if he remembers, he asked Carrie out for Valentine’s Day for real. Charlotte then starts thinking about Miranda, who’s back in the dating game after breaking up with Che and Steve. Miranda’s totally confused about what she likes, and her friends think it’s time she figured it out. Then there’s this voice-over artist who’s done Jane Austen audiobooks, whom Miranda has liked for ages. Taking a big risk, Miranda tells her she’s really turned on by her voice.

They set up a date, but then the woman invites Miranda over. Miranda dresses up, only to find a messy place and an uncleaned litter box. The woman goes to wash her clothes, and Miranda, with some help from Carrie, sees she’s changed and leaves. Meanwhile, Lisa’s getting all worked up about her son’s new girlfriend after seeing them being all lovey-dovey. She’s sure the girl doesn’t know what’s right and might sleep with her son on Lisa’s bed. Her husband tries to calm her down, but she won’t have it. Coming home, they find the son taking photos of the girlfriend with Lisa’s stuff. Lisa was half-right; the girl didn’t know her limits.

On the other hand, Nya’s pals are worried about her since it’s her first Valentine’s Day without Andre. She spends a quiet night with some wine and chocolates. Aidan and Carrie’s thing is something special, a real rollercoaster. They’re unsure about trying again but know they’ve grown up. Their reunion starts with a mistake in the restaurant’s address, but they find the right place next door.

After 13 years, Carrie and Aidan fall back into old habits, understanding each other. When Aidan finds out where Carrie lives now, he almost runs away quickly but then realizes there are plenty of hotels in New York. They’re at different places in life now, but maybe they’ll avoid old mistakes and be happy. They’re clearly close, and they start reconnecting right away.

So, they might have a better chance at a happy ending than ever. Before, in the ‘Sex and the City’ world, Charlotte was a hot-shot art dealer. But now, she’s so into being a mom she’s left work behind. In this episode, she sees she needs to find her own way, especially after her kids mess up. She even ends up in the hospital after eating a weed brownie by accident. But she’s not slowing down; she tells her husband she’ll call Marcus Kasabian about the job that’s still waiting. She’s ready to get control of the situation once more.

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