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And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Season 2, Episode 6 gets super emotional. It starts with Carrie Bradshaw being sad over her husband Mr. Big’s death and prepping for a Zoom interview about her latest memoir. The interview doesn’t go so great, and she starts thinking about hitting up Aidan Shaw, her ex-fiance. Her cool time at “Widow Con” gives her the push to finally drop an email to Aidan, suggesting they might get back together.

What Happened In And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 6?

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 6 Recap
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The story kicks off with Carrie doing an interview, only to realize in a painful way that the person interviewing her hasn’t got to know what’s in her book – the main thing they should talk about. She’s saved by her old laptop conking out, leading to a shopping trip with Seema (Sarita Choudhury), her buddy, who’s also planning a trip to the Hamptons with her. At the same time, Che’s sitcom getting canned has them bummed out big time, to the point where they stop all their gigs and start to pull away.

The only thing they do now is chat with fans on social media. Miranda spots Che acting all weird, keeping up a happy face with fans while showing a sadder, more down side to her, but doesn’t know what to do. Right now, Miranda’s standing at a crossroads in her life. While visiting Nya’s place, she found out that Nya and her husband are planning to split without any blame, which got her thinking she messed up her own marriage.

But Miranda’s not ready to start the divorce, thinking that since she started the whole split thing, the other party should kick things off. This idea gets even stronger when Carrie tells her that Steve said he’d never take off his wedding ring. This gets Miranda and Steve talking, and she’s shocked that he won’t leave the house because it means too much to him.

The talk turns into a big fight, but Steve calms things down and stops Miranda from storming out. Their chill moment doesn’t last though, as Miranda finds a condom wrapper, a clear sign that Steve’s not as messed up as she thought he was. Out of nowhere, Lily drops a bomb that she’s ready to sleep with her boyfriend, which shocks Charlotte, Harry, and Anthony.

Even though Charlotte’s pretty open-minded, she can’t get her head around this sudden news. She’s dealing with a bunch of mixed feelings – being proud of Lily for being so open and feeling weird wondering if it’s too much info. But Charlotte steps up, braving a snowstorm to get Lily some condoms. In the middle of this storm, the women are showing off their fancy yet not-so-practical outfits.

At the same time, Lisa is doing an interview about her work, happy to see her hubby in the crowd after he ditched a fundraiser early. Carrie’s publisher thinks she should go to a get-together for widows, but Carrie’s not too keen, especially since the woman who used to write with her is running the event.

This woman, who was called Karen but now has a name super close to Carrie’s for social reasons, blames Carrie for a movie that didn’t work out because Carrie didn’t go to an important meeting with a big-shot studio guy. After thinking it over, Carrie decides to give the main speech at the convention, even getting Che to come with her even though there’s a snowstorm.

She’s freaked out about having to talk after a comedian murdered it on stage. But when her joke bombs, she starts reading from her book and touches the audience with her words. Near the end of the story, Carrie sends an email to her ex, Aidan Shaw. The episode ends with Miranda and Che calling it quits.

After a deep talk with Steve, an upset Miranda goes back to Che’s place and lets off steam about her ex-husband. When she thinks maybe she and Steve should’ve split when they had the chance, Che admits they’ve been thinking the same thing about their relationship with Miranda. They say that they and Miranda have had the best times they could in their relationship.

This leads Miranda to the hard realization that she’s dealing with two break-ups at once. Che and Miranda’s thing wasn’t meant to last, something Nixon said in a Vanity Fair chat. It looks like it’s come to a natural end, but it’s done its job as a big step in Miranda figuring herself out. The awesome time she had in California, with all the happy moments and Che being there, disappeared when she got back to the hard truth of New York life.

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