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And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The previous episode wraps up with Carrie surprisingly having a blast at Enid’s party, packed with older women showing freedom. At the same time, Che and Miranda are trying to work out their relationship vibe after returning from a shoot, with Miranda realizing she might not be as flexible as she thought. While Charlotte and Harry had a chill month with their kids away, Lisa and Herbert flipped their anniversary bash by announcing Herbert’s plan to run for City Comptroller. Check out the recap of this episode below!

What Happened In And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 5?

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 5 Recap
Source: And Just Like That, HBO

Season 2, episode 5 begins with Carrie and Miranda hitting a party thrown by Charlotte, where the hosts weirdly dress up as Elizabeth and Philip Jennings from ‘The Americans’, a reference that doesn’t click with Carrie and Miranda. This dress-up gets Harry super worried; he won’t believe his kid’s got a Ralph Lauren modeling gig, thinking there’s a secret plan. Even with Charlotte and Rock’s promises, Harry’s still not buying it. But this change makes Charlotte proud, who’s been a big-time fan and a former model for Ralph Lauren.

Harry gives in at the photo shoot, rocking his Halloween wig, and admits it’s a kid-friendly vibe. In an unexpected admission, Harry says he’s had a jealous feeling towards Charlotte for being seen as the ‘fun parent’ for once. With her divorce from Andre happening, Nya ends up at a fancy bar with Seema (Sarita Choudhury) and Carrie, hitting on a guy. This fresh experience gives her a new outlook as she’d been with Andre since college.

Conversely, Seema doesn’t have such a great time, winding up with a guy who reveals his performance issue and the need for a pump. Despite the not-so-great “thing,” she keeps seeing him until he gets mad when he sees her looking for pleasure after their encounter and bails. Seema, cool as a cucumber, isn’t bothered. In a side story, we see Lisa and Herbert’s relationship. Lisa meant it when she said Herbert’s planning to run for the New York City Comptroller’s office during their anniversary dinner.

But, she gets irritated as Herbert starts seeing everything through a political view. When he doesn’t wear the George Washington wig to Charlotte’s party, Lisa wonders if he’s lost his fun side, a worry he rests later at home. Big-hearted Carrie accidentally causes a bike crash, rushing the injured guy to the hospital and ensuring he’s okay, even dropping by his place with food.

But, she makes some wrong guesses about the guy’s money situation and his relationship with his business partner, which she finds as complicated as a marriage. Figuring out her meddling isn’t needed, she cuts ties, not wanting to be the Yoko Ono to their John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The last bit of this ep follows Miranda and Che’s story. Miranda’s struggling with lack of sleep as Che, their buddies, and coworkers party or work late, making her take up Nya’s offer of Andre’s old music room as a crash pad.

Che, super confident, faces a test show of their show’s first ep. At first, the response is good, especially for Tony Danza, who plays Che’s TV dad. But, the audience knocks a scene where Danza’s character is upset after finding out Che’s non-binary, saying it gives off a bad vibe. Trouble starts when a non-binary person in the audience says they don’t like Che as a character, and others start saying the same thing. Test shows are the usual way to do things to see how the audience will react to a show or movie.

In this case, the bad response means it’s over for Che’s sitcom. Che says it’s canned when they start worrying about paying for their new rental place, which they were hoping to cover with the sitcom’s dough. This whole scene could be pointing to the different opinions about Che Diaz as a character among ‘Sex and the City fans.

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