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Ahsoka Episodes 1 & 2 Recap: Spoiler Alert!

On Tuesday night, the big opening night of Star Wars: Ahsoka marked the beginning of the new Star Wars show. The new program follows Ahsoka Tano and many other fresh and familiar faces from around the galaxy. Many of the famous faces are from the popular Star Wars Rebels animated series. Star Wars: Ahsoka’s first two episodes show that the show’s heroes are in for an awesome journey, and we’re here to explain it all. Spoiler Alert!

What Happened In Ahsoka Episodes 1 & 2?

Ahsoka Episodes 1 & 2 Recap
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To free herself from jail in the first episode of the series, Ahsoka recruited the services of old Jedi dude Baylon Skoll and his disciple Shin Hati. Meanwhile, Ahsoka Tano obtained an “egg” from a temple constructed by the witches who use evil magic, the Nightsisters of Dathomir, that had a space map showing Thrawn’s position.

It is said that way back, a Jedi taught them the ways of the Force. The former Jedi Ahsoka needed assistance from Sabine (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), whom she hadn’t seen in a long time, since the map required a key to be accessible. A tribute to Ray was built on Lothal to honor the Ghost Crew for their role in freeing the planet from the Empire’s grip. Star Wars Rebels’ Governor Ryder Azadi (Clancy Brown), who was friends with Sabine, was disappointed to see her miss the event. Sabine, however, was not in a party vibe.

She viewed a holo-video of her buddy Ezra Bridger, who had disappeared into hyperspace with Thrawn, urging her to don’t give up. When Ahsoka and Sabine were reunited, the atmosphere was fraught with weird vibes. Conversation onboard Ahsoka’s spacecraft was awkward, so the two eventually turned their attention to the unexplained egg. Ahsoka refused Sabine’s request to let her take the gadget off the ship. Sabine managed to steal it anyhow, and she should be commended for her cunning.

She studied the egg from all sides in her old Lothal communications tower home before discovering the key and opening the map. On the other hand, Ahsoka told Hera (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)’s hologram that she regretted going to Lothal and that Sabine was as “hard-headed” as ever. Ahsoka thought back on her time with Anakin Skywalker when her Twi’lek buddy pointed out that her master undoubtedly found her to be challenging at times.

She abandoned him and the Jedi before the conclusion of the Clone Wars, just as she abandoned Sabine, and thus she never completed her Jedi lessons. Sabine was blindsided by the hired gun Shin and her killer bots since she had no idea she was being followed. Sabine took out the lightsaber that Ezra had given her and fought off her attackers. She made a good try, but Shin slashed her in the stomach with a lightsaber and got away just as Ahsoka arrived.

The first episode closed with a tribute to Ray Stevenson, who played Baylan until his death in May. It was dedicated to “Ray,” our good buddy. The destiny of Sabine was revealed right away in episode 2. She was wide awake in her sickbed, visited by Ahsoka, Hera’s hologram, and Huyang, the snarky teaching droid. Unlocking the map revealed two universes and a connection between them, but the Mando warrior didn’t have time to locate their position before being ambushed.

Ahsoka went back to Sabine’s house, where the other killer bot was hidden, disabled it, but left its brain chip intact so that her student could study it. Sabine deduced that the droid had been built at the New Republic’s shipyard on Corellia. Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto) operated industries there, however, they should have been shut down once the Empire collapsed. The visit to the naval site by Ahsoka and Hera disproved that. Secretly planning the shipment of a speedy engine, Empire fans were still in command.

Hera took to the skies, with the grumpy robot Chopper as her wingman!, to pursue the massive transport as it made its escape after their shady enterprise was discovered and killer bots pounced on Ahsoka. Chopper had attached a GPS thingy on its hull, but it managed to evade capture. Sabine, still in the hospital, pondered whether or not Ahsoka would have come to see her if Huyang had cracked the map on his own. To sum up, Ahsoka only came to meet her because she really needed her help.

After that, Huyang kept badgering the defeated Mando about continuing her Jedi bootcamp, but Sabine pointed out that she couldn’t if Ahsoka didn’t want to teach her. Huyang criticized her for making such an explanation and pushed her to continue. Following the droid’s recommendation, Sabine went back to her house and retrieved her Mando gear.

She also went to the memorial painting of Ezra’s happy face and chopped her purple hair short. The transport has been in orbit above Cetos since Ahsoka arrived with word that Hera’s tracker had been successful. They needed to get going. Ahsoka responded to Sabine’s request to resume training on board by saying that she would do so. As she said, the words, “Take us up, Padawan,” may be interpreted in many ways. Master and student then took off into the sky.

Meanwhile, on Cetos, Baylan and Shin saw the installation of the mega engine. They were getting close to rescuing Thrawn now that the Eye of Scion was almost finished. Shin told Morgan’s hologram that she escaped the shipyard without being seen or followed. Baylan, an old Jedi dude, told Morgan that he spotted Ahsoka approaching when Morgan questioned him about it.

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