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4 Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Filming Locations In NYC

Located in NYC’s exclusive Upper West Side district. “Only Murders In The Building” follows Mabel, Charles, and Oliver when they inpsect the murder of Tim Kono, a neighbor, and try to find the perpetrator. In response to the widespread interest in knowing where “Only Murders In The Building” was filmed, it has been revealed that it was filmed entirely in New York, check out the list of filming locations of Only Murders In The Building Season 3 below!

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Filming Locations

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Filming Locations
Source: Only Murders In The Building, Hulu

Mansion Restaurant

Just a stone’s throw away from the fictional Arconia, the Pickle Diner is a beloved lunch destination for the main characters of “Only Murders in the Building” and those under suspicion. While the Pickle Diner doesn’t exist in reality, the scenes are captured at Mansion Restaurant, situated on the Upper East Side at 1634 York Ave.

The restaurant even confirmed this by sharing a picture of Gomez, Short, and Martin, cheekily noting, “The Pickle Diner looks pretty familiar.” This dining establishment has been a part of the Philips family since 1945, as reported by CBS News. Currently, Philip Philips, the co-owner, is in the midst of handing over the reins to his son, John.

The United Palace Theater

Season three of “Only Murders in the Building” prominently features the grand theater where Short’s character’s Broadway show unfolds. This magnificent venue, adorned with ornate decorations and a luxurious red-carpeted lobby, is none other than Washington Heights’s United Palace. Located at 4140 Broadway, this theater serves both spiritual and theatrical functions.

It’s one of the five Loew’s Wonder Theatres in New York City, originally intended to be movie palaces, with others like Brooklyn’s King’s Theater and the Bronx’s Paradise Theater.

The Belnord

A historical gem, The Belnord was a real estate venture by the Astors, completed in 1909 and crafted by architect H. Hobart Weekes. It earned the status of a New York City landmark in 1966. Uniquely, it’s one of the few structures in the city with an interior courtyard large enough for a car to enter and circle around.

This feature likens it to the Apthorp and Graham Court, other real estate projects on the Upper West Side, also financed by the Astors. Through these locations, the series paints a vivid picture of New York City, adding depth and authenticity to the intriguing narrative that has captured the hearts of many viewers.

42nd Street Studios

The series also provides glimpses of the characters gathering for rehearsals for Oliver’s play, “Death Rattle,” inside a space named 42nd Street Stages. Interestingly, the logo of this fictional space bears a striking resemblance to New 42nd Street Studios. This building, brimming with rehearsal spaces, hosts the casts of renowned Broadway plays like Hamilton and others.