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4 Filming Locations of “The Winter King”

MGM+’s “The Winter King” is a captivating British historical drama series. Crafted by the creative minds of Kate Brooke, Ed Whitmore, and Bernard Cornwell, the series takes us back to the 5th century.

It tells the story of Arthur Pendragon, a once-marginalized son who grows into a legendary warrior and leader, searching for his purpose in life. The intriguing setting might leave you pondering where “The Winter King” was filmed. If curiosity has gotten the best of you, let me unravel the details!

Where Is ‘The Winter King’ Filmed?

The Winter King Filming Locations
Source: The Winter King, MGM+

Europe serves as the grand stage for “The Winter King.” The cameras started rolling in July 2022, with England, the UK, being a focal point.

Bristol, England

Bristol, a city renowned for landmarks like Brunel’s SS Great Britain, Harbourside, Cabot Circus, and the Banksy Walking Tour, is steeped in maritime history. It’s nestled by the River Avon in England’s southwest.

A significant portion of “The Winter King” was captured in Bristol. The production team even built a temporary set in Patchway Studios at 1 Highwood Road, Patchway. This set, a rocky canyon made of prefabricated polyurethane foam panels, represents the courtyard of Caer Cadarn, a fortress vital to the series. Other key Bristol locations include the now-closed Brabazon Hangars and the scenic Iford Valley near Iford Manor Gardens.


The town of Lydney, known for its coal, stone, tinplate, and timber industries, also hosted the filming crew.


In Monmouthshire, a county with a complex historical relationship with England and Wales, the crew constructed a set near the former Livox Quarry in St. Arvans. This location in the Wye Valley area is close to the town of Chepstow.

Tropiquaria Zoo – West Somerset

The Tropiquaria Zoo, situated 16 miles from Taunton and 9 miles from Minehead, served as both a filming base and a location within a 5-mile radius of the Wildlife Park and aquarium.

Where To Watch?

For those eager to dive into this historical drama, “The Winter King” will be exclusively available on ITVX in the UK before the year’s end, with a winter 2023 release in sight. Across the pond in the United States, the series will make its debut on MGM+ starting Sunday, August 20, 2023. It’s a tale that promises to transport you to another time, and it’s waiting for you to explore!